Mid Columbia Gardens Does Not Ship Items

By making a purchase on this site you are agreeing to physically picking up your purchase(s) according to the conditions laid out under our Delivery terms, the descriptions of the items, and delivery ("shipping") terms you choose at the time of check out.  Although we know that things don't always work out as planned and will try to work with you if problems arise, we cannot be liable for products not picked up at the required locations, dates, and times.  Plants are a perishable product and may not survive if not picked up in a timely manner.

Preorders Are Purchases of Products Which Do Not Yet Exist

If you purchase preorder product(s) you are agreeing to pay in advance for product which will be produced according to the stated schedule.  In return for prepayment, you are securing product at a reduced rate, reserving product which may not be available during the standard retail selling period, and choosing when to have the product ready for your use, rather than according to the retailer's discretion.

In doing this you assume certain risks.  Crop failures can and do occur which may prevent some or all of your order from being ready at the agreed upon time, or at all.  In this case you will be offered a refund for the affected portion of your order, or, if you prefer and according to availability, substitution of a portion of your order with available stock.  

Limitation of Liability

It is in our interest to do everything we can to provide you the order you purchased, and we have every confidence of being able to do so based on our years of experience with the products which are being made available for order.

However, you agree in making your purchase that in no event will Mid Columbia Gardens or its representatives be liable for more than the price paid for your order(s), and that you, the customer, will be considered to have been made whole at such time as a refund is made for any disputed portion of your order(s).  Furthermore, the enumeration of risks express and implied in the foregoing sections does not constitute protection from other risks, some of which are inherent in any retail transaction, and in those involving live products.

We also apologize for the need for such legal language.