Mid Columbia Gardens does not maintain a retail space.

Our model is primarily wholesale to vendors, and wholesale to the public.  This keeps our prices low and allows us to offer a broader selection of unusual plants.  Because of legal constraints we are generally not allowed to receive the public at our growing locations.


Plants ordered through this website will be available for pickup on one of three weekends:

Saturday, April 14th This Date is now closed for preorders
The weather will still be chilly in parts of our region, and if you pick up plants at this time, late frosts can still kill your plants if they're not protected.  Nonetheless some people always want their plants as early as possible, so we offer this as the earliest we feel we can responsibly provide them.

Saturday April 28th
This is close to the last frost date for most of the region and marks the earliest safe date to put tender plants in the ground.  This date is the default at checkout.

Saturday May 12th
Mother's Day is often considered the best time to plant much of the garden because the ground and nights have finally warmed up enough to encourage healthy growth of garden plants.  If you're of this opinion, or live in an outer area that remains colder longer than it does near the rivers, this may be the best date for you.

You will choose which week to pick up your plants when you place your order, and we will use the contact information you provide to remind you of the time and place of pickup.  In the event that you are unable to pick up your plants on the agreed date, or find that you need other arrangements, please contact us.  Beyond one week after the requested date, we are unable to guarantee the quality or availability of the plants in your order, however.

The location we have arranged for pickup is:

Anything Grows
1625 Columbia Park Trail
Richland WA

Tentatively we are expecting a pickup time window of 11am-3pm on your chosen date.  We hope to minimize disruption to the business of our retail partner.

Seasonal Sales

Some plants will be available at Anything Grows, and possibly other locations in April and May.  Selection will be very limited, however, and prices will be standard retail rates, likely twice that of the preorder wholesale prices.  We cannot control the prices that retail operators charge for our plants, but feel that their prices are usually fair and in accordance with general market rates for similar products.